Frequenly Asked Questions

• Who is Deck-Trade?
• Why buy Deck-Trade?
• What are the hours of sale of Deck-Trade?
• How Deck-Trade is a store safe?
• How I can contact Deck-Trade?
• What products have warranty?
• What price are shipping charges?
• How I can place an order?
• What payment systems using Deck-Trade?
How lllegar takes my order?
• How I can cancel an order?
• How to claim if a product arrives in poor condition?
• How I can cancel an order once I receive it?

Who is-Trade Deck?

Paviaktual Metrocuadrado S.L. is the company traht owns the website online store specializing in sales of laminate flooring, wood, synthetic, porcelain and related products. Entered in the Mercantile Register of Barcelona, ​​Volume 36790, Folio 0118, 286506 Registration Sheet Section 1 of sociades provided NIF B-635 818 447.

Why buy Trade Deck?

We specialize in selling floor leaders online. Customers buy a quality product at the best price by far. We only sell top brand products and remains out of print. We sell boxes and not the detail. We personalized attention to every purchase. We assign a contact person and reports the status of your order.

What is the shedule of Deck-Trade?

In our shop you can buy for 24 hours, 7 days a week. Orders are managed within hours. Personalized monitoring by one of our agents will be held during business hours Monday through Friday.

¿Deck-Trade is a safe store?

Deck-Trade will guarantee that every transaction you realize in our website through their payment systems are completely safe. The system on delivery when you receive the material at destination. Payment by credit card with total confidentiality virtual POS data you input. The bank transfer where the bank itself guarantees the operation by the security measures available.

How can you contact us?

Sending an email to contact or telephone 635 727 014

What products have warranty?

Our products have the guarantee granted by the manufacturer. You can download the technical sheet characteristics where it appears the warranty for each model and the time duration of the warranty as well as the specific conditions of the same.

How much
is the shipping charges?

Freight transport are included in the invoice. To find out shipping price before ordering can you consult us.

How can i order?

To complete the purchase simply select a product and add the desired amount.
In the shopping cart to finalize the purchase if you want or add more products.
The next step you will be asked some personal details and a contact email.
The third step you can see the entire breakdown of material costs as well as taxes and freight transport. Also indicates whether there is any cost for the payment.
In the last step to confirm the order.

What payment systems using Deck-Trade?

WITH CREDIT CARD: You can pay comfortably and safely with Blast Card debit or credit in your company, we installed a secure POS payment Virtualde Banc Sabadell.
WITH BANK TRANSFER: It gives the customer an account number you must enter the amount through transfer or window of any entity making reference to the company beneficiary Paviaktual Metrocuadrado SL

How long does it take my order?

The shipments are managed through the transport company to the whole peninsula, Baleares, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.

From the confirmation of entry of the order the products purchased through the Store will be sent to the delivery address that the User indicates once the payment has been verified, the delivery time will depend if the product is in stock will be sent in a term of 72 hours or in the case of a product that is not in stock and is on request at the factory can reach 130 days.

How I can cancel an order?

You can always cancel an order that has not been managed.

In cases of material in stock, if the material has not been picked up by the freight forwarder may be canceled having being repaid the amount directly than charges for the forms of payment.

How to claim if a product arrives in poor condition?

It is important to review the products once they reach their destination. To claim damages caused by transportation, you should give us some photographs of such damages and send us the claim within 72 hours of receipt of the goods to make the transport current. After this deadline will not be handled such complaints. You can send the claim to our email

To manage a claim for defective material please contact with us through email or phone and so follow the instructions you give an agent of our company. If the claim is accepted, the transit agency will collect the faulty material and will shortly be sent the new material.

How I can cancel an order once received?

Once the customer receives the order and does not want it, the customer will be responsible for the shipping costs.