Decking Composite

In recent years in Europe has increased interest in wood-based composites natural, ie those in which traditional fibers are mixed with recycled polymers and a composite with excellent structural and mechanical properties for the manufacture of wood and composite decks for maintenance-free exterior.

The enormous popularity of these innovative components are mainly due to its commercial success in the American market with rising prices for standard polymers from the oil industry. However, ecological and environmental standards also play an increasingly prominent in the development process of new materials. As is invest enormous resources along the entire world and, more particularly in Europe to develop complex structural and multifunctional components made ??of composites based on cellulose and wood for use in different fields and where of particular interest in construction.

In this line the decks and outdoor furniture are a safe bet, not only because the material responds perfectly to the contact with the environment and extreme weather, but, at present, can be built in many sizes and colors, can adapt to any space and stay clean for years. Benefits, and environmental construction, the material in all fields of application are so obvious that different communities are betting and investing so earnest in what they consider a safe bet for present and future.