TimberTech ® is a leading manufacturer in addition to being a leader in research, development and marketing solutions decks, railings, fences, high quality, low maintenance and long life. TimberTech ® products provide beauty to homes, businesses and resorts. TimberTech ® products are resistant to damage by water and sun exposure, keep their color and beauty for years. Need not apply paint, stains or sealants, as is often required with traditional wood projects requiring this laborious task year after year. In addition, resistant to mold to insects and rot, not necessary to replace the damaged boards. Thus, save time and money over the life of their fences and decks.

Caring for TimberTech products is simple and looks like new appearance. Any TimberTech color you choose, remain strong, vibrant and natural beauty for many years. TimberTech ® products are made from high quality raw materials combined with UV inhibiting pigments to create products with a uniform color. Thanks to the quality of the material used, the wear of TimberTech products is lower than other products. TimberTech ® provides products that meet the requirements of the law for citizens with disabilities in regard to non-slip surfaces for pedestrians Unlike traditional wood, TimberTech decks do not splinter. TimberTech surfaces are also resistant to water, are ideal for pool decks and piers. The traditional wood is beautiful, but does not last long. Wet springs, blistering summers and frigid winters quickly passed bill, and splinter and warp the wood. Our products are manufactured using a patented process that results in a uniform material, superior and requires low maintenance.

We are so confident of its durability, which is why we offer a 25-year limited warranty for residential applications. His fences and TimberTech decks will look like the first day for the next few years.