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Atenea Basmat has a height of only 9 mm, which is appropriate for placement surface and also embedded in laminate flooring installations without performing complicated work. It is also a good option to replace worn doormats of similar height comp ueden be rubber or natural fibers.

Basmat Atenea model consists of aluminum profiles in which strips of carpet, rubber or brushes are inserted. The dirt is trapped in the gaps between rods of which can be removed so secilla, without lifting the mat soil. The width of the profiles is 33 mm. and to complete a meter are necearia 30 units.
Simple o Mixed Finish
Price VAT included m² : 321.86
376.31/units Taxes included
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9 mm.
Profile Wide
33 mm.
Profile per m. lineal 30 units.
100% aluminium.
Textile, plastic, brushes and mixed
Isolation and Consolidation Self-Adhesive foam polypropylene mesh support.
Available Accesories Perimetral frame and corner pieces.
Dificult Level
Indicated for Laminated Flooring
Maximum Dimensions (1 unit.) 6 meters wide, unlimited direcction travel.

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