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Before placement

The first step is to verify the model, format and quality that is printed on the box matches the description of the order.
The next step is to open several boxes and verify that the model shown in the boxes corresponding to the one mentioned in the delivery note.
At the end product verification, we will prepare the surface where it will be placed, which must be clean and plumb.
If the product is pavement should rethink on the surface to see the effect.
For modular product placement, it should apply to factory tone and caliber are compatible.

During placement

The choice of bonding material is a function of the characteristics of the laying surface, the type of ceramic material, weather conditions and use.
Recommended adhesive: Kerakoll H40 Eco Flex - C2 E adhesive according to UNE 12004/12002. Highly deformable for fixing porcelain product, interior and exterior. Especially recommended for placement of bonded façades, underfloor heating, high traffic, sobrecolocación ... available in white and gray.
For application it is important to use the recommended tools (rubber mallet, rubber grout trowel, notched trowel, etc.)
For laying indoors, even the parts with the rubber mallet to make the adhesive cover all parts.
For outdoor laying, apply twice glued by applying the adhesive on the floor and on the back of the piece.
The sides of the pieces should be clean and, these should be placed perfectly aligned.
For the placement of "locked together" we must place the pieces apart a maximum of 20% of the total length thereof.
DURSTONE porcelain product is ground with micro-bevelled to avoid blunt. The board for this type of product should be 1.5mm to 3mm indoors and outdoors.
For sealing gasket we must use specific material (we recommend Fila MP / 90); This seal is always made with rubber trowel adhesive cement once (adhesive) is to set and always respecting the time of application of the material. Later, it proceeds to clean the joint with a damp sponge.
For spaces of over 8 m2 must leave a 5mm joint around the perimeter; above 50 m2 for indoor and outdoor spaces 30m2, use partition board to absorb possible movements.

After placement
Once the grouting is completed, you have to remove the excess material before it dries and hardens and proceed to cleaning it using non-abrasive products, avoiding the use of hydrofluoric acid. Then it will be cleaned (or Row DETERDEK recommend PS / 87).
After the placement, it is important to cover the floor with cardboard or other items to avoid causing damage to products already placed.


Before using any chemicals for cleaning, you need to check its effect on the surface of the ceramic or porcelain product, using it on an inconspicuous to see the effect that leaves the chemical area.
In pavements polished porcelain must be very careful in both the initial cleaning and the back because, in the process of polishing are open microporous surface, which means they are more vulnerable to staining by certain liquids. It is also important that any product that could affect (oil, soda or alcohol, acids, etc.) should be cleaned with water as soon as possible to avoid staining the pavement.

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